What should you look for when selecting iPhone Development Company?

Getting a quote from a development company is easy but making sure that the company is there to support you after signed contract is not. You should look for Mobile Development company that has the right technical expertise and experience to produce your mobile application. Their previous experience allows them to drastically reduce development time and provide high performance optimal code. Development for the desktop is very different then development for iPad or iPhone devices due to limited resources available. Right development company knows exactly what should be done to save on battery usage and to provide optimal resource use of the app.

It's important for the development company to be your key resource for mobile technology questions. They should be a resource to you for providing answers to questions, offer suggestions and other innovative features that will help take your application to the next level of benefit and value.

Portfolio of previously developed iPhone or iPad application should to reviewed as it will provide some kind of indication of previous track record of successful application that the development company has completed before.

English speaking US based project managers should be available to help reduce uncertainty and risk that is associated with multi-cultural communication and planning task. They should be able to meet with you to go over your application and your mobile project development life-cycle.

Quality, Scope and Cost should also be negotiated and discussed before any development work begins. Depending on the pricing model that you choose you don't want to agree to one price and then half-way through the development process have the development company stop the work because they did not estimate your project correctly and went over budget. Quality is not always discussed but you don't want your application to have numbers bugs in your app as that will affect your reputation and your customers experience when using your app.

After your app is developed will the company be there to help fix bugs (which hopefully don't exist) or provide support for your application? You need to discuss their response time to fixing bugs and providing necessary support.

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