There is no straight and simple answer for how much will my iPhone or iPad application will cost. Every application is different and has different scope and complexity levels. It's also important to consider that all developers are not made equal. iPhone developer will cost much more if he has more then 3-4 years of experience. Top notch team that is assembled for your application can cost much more but they also produce application that cannot be compared to others. iPhone Developer with experience will ultimately reduce risk, cost (associated with bugs) and provide innovative application that just works.

Applications that require more effort can easily cost $15k-$30k and even more. Talented mobile developer with a few years experience can range as much as $125 to $175 per hour in US. Our company is able to provide cost-effective iPhone and iPad app development due to our strategic offshore office locations. In addition our project managers in New York are there to work with your company and provide all of the advantages as a local developer would except at a significant cost saving.

Best approach would be to break functionality of your application into several releases. You should take iterative approach while developing your application and consider releasing initial version with a few key features. This will allows to better plan next version and get customer feedback from your app. Many features that are planned initially will not be used at all. Don't forget the 80/20 rule and try to release your initial version with 20% of functionality that will be used by over 80% of your customers.

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